Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Day 6...

Wednesday, April 5

I'm posting this mid-day, sow I'm going to look into my crystal ball a bit...

Prior to 2:00, we had almost completed the roof, gotten two sides and half of another sided with vinyl, and the sheetrock installation had been completed. We will begin painting tomorrow morning. After our devotional, David made his daily trip to Gulfport, or "Gufpert" as Tim Landis likes to say it, which is 30 minutes way. He goes for extra items that we can't get in Wiggins. He needed 3 pieces of vinyl (they had 3), 2 pieces or sheetrock (they had 3), and two corner pieces of vinyl (they had 2). We are definitely being watched over by someone upstairs. He says the Home Depot and Lowes are madhouses, or like Wal-Mart at Christmas. People are waiting outside to take your buggy from you after you empty it.

The pump house for her well will be finished, the roof will be completed, and the siding and shutters will be completed. We feel pretty good about wrapping thins up on Friday, but don't plan any welcome home parties quite yet. Many things have to fall into place first.

Keep us in your prayers and we'll be home soon.

Day 5...

Tuesday, April 4

After our devotional, we went right to work. We are working entirely outside until the drywall installation is complete. The siding began today, the roof shingles continued to be installed (a local contractor loaned us a nail gun which has sped up the process tremendously.), and the fascia board around the perimeter of the roof was installed. Many of these things are painstakingly slow, but have to be done. As long as the exterior is completed at before or at the same time as the drywall installers, we'll be back on schedule.

The temperature dropped a bit today. Last night it got down into the 50's. There was a brisk wind most of the day, which made it a little more bearable. It is supposed to be even cooler tomorrow, but nothing out of the ordinary for us "northerners". Donna and Ann are keeping us well fed and hydrated, as usual, and Diane continues to stop by and see her new home. She said that she loves coming over the hill on her way and seeing her new home in the distance.

Still working on the camera. Keep checking.

Day Four...

Monday, April 3

We began the day excited to see the drywall installed first thing in the morning. However, after searching for most of the morning, the drywall arrived. This little mishap put us a behind by a half day, but we have faith that we'll get it done in time. The drywall installers, from Carter County, were incredible. They were installing the drywall as soon as it came off of the truck. At the end of the day, the entire interior of the house was covered with drywall.

Half of the roof was shingled today, as well as the porch roof. All of the windows were installed as well as the front and rear door. It is beginning to look like a house. We are still working from sun-up through sundown. Temperature is still peaking at around 80, with the morning a crisp 65. The locals laugh when we comment on how hot it is. We're glad it's not July or August.

I am having some issues with the camera and the computers that I am using at Wynn's office. Keep checking back for them!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Day 3...

Sunday, April 2

We began the day with a devotional led by David, about using our hands for God's work, and was it appropriate. By the end of another 12-hour day, we had all of the roof, all of the walls, and half of the windows installed. Also, we saw the plumbing and electrical begin to be put in place. It was a great day. It is amazing how 12 people with different skills of expertise can come together and construct this house. Richard Shavers said that it took 3 months for his house to get where we are in two days. We were blessed by the presence of the Tim and Ann Landis, and Scott Miller from BurWil Construction, who will be taking over for Wes Burleson as project manager. Wes is returning to Bristol to handle some unexpected work issues. Wes did a great job, and will be missed. Also arriving today were the drywall contractors from Carter County, TN. They will begin hanging sheetrock tomorrow, so we will be under the gun to get ready, but we're confident we will be.

A House in One Day?

Saturday, April 1

"Did you see that house across the street get built in one day?" This was a comment heard from one of Diane's neighbors on Day 1 of construction in Mississippi. Not really, of course, but we did get all but one side of the roof sheeting nailed down before darkness chased us off of the job site around 7:30 pm. We began the day at 7:30 am at Diane's house with a devotional led by Tom about staying on our feet, which we did for 12 hours. We spent an hour unloading the walls and searching through the tightly-packed rental truck. After getting our bearings, we set the exterior walls, and raised the roof trusses. Richard shavers, Diane's brother helped us most of the day, and we were able to finally meet Diane. She is a very gracious lady, who has said thank you every time I have talked to her. She spent several hours at the site, along with a few of her rel;atives, at our meal/break tent. Donna kept us well-hydrated and fed through-out the day, while also doing some "house cleaning" when she could. After the long work-day, we went back to the lodge for well-needed showers, dinner, and early bedtime.

11 Hours Later...

Friday, March 31

After departing Bristol between 5:00 and 5:30 am, the last of the caravan, the rental truck hauling the supplies, arrived at the future home of Diane Henley at 4:00. It was a long and bumpy ride, but well worth the trip. We found the slab in great condition, so we were able to lay-out the entire house before dark. After laying out the house, we departed for our home for the week, De Soto Lodge. Tom and Diane's cabin is incredible. The driveway is 1.5 miles long and winds through the wilderness like the switchbacks on Highway 421. When you get there, you hear nothing but the crickets and the tree frogs chirping, while still having the same amenities of home. After dinner at a local catfish restaurant with Winn and his wife Carolyn Alexander, with whom our connection with Diane began, we headed back to the lodge to discuss our plan of attack. Although excited about starting and choosing our spot to crash for the night, we hit the sack.

Monday, March 06, 2006

6 Mar 06 Henley House Pre-Build Progress Report

The exterior and interior walls for Diane Henley's house are framed and standing in the Walling Warehouse, thanks to the work to date of 90 construction volunteers! During this Bristol phase of the construction process, Diane was called on a cell phone from the warehouse so she could hear the sounds of hammers, saws and workers pre- fabricating the walls to her new house! She was overjoyed.

Media coverage for this event has been very timely and helpful.
On Saturday, 4 March 06, The Bristol Herald Courier ran a nice article about the Henley House Build complete with several pictures.

On Monday 6 Mar 06 WCYB TV 5 will run a Faith Focus spot Jim Crawford put together. The spot is supposed to air around 5:45 pm and be repeated on the Johnny Wood's morning show the following day: Tuesday Morning 7 Mar 06 between 6 and 7 AM.

Tonight (06 Mar 06) the crew who will travel to Mississippi to complete the house will label, photograph, and code the various interior and exterior wall sections to the house plan. Then the wall sections will be disassembled and stacked in sequence to be shipped to Mississippi on a Baker Construction Company flatbed truck and off loaded at the worksite in Wiggins.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Two down, One to go!

From Patty Caldwell:

"The Henley house is in production! Members and friends worked Wednesday and Thursday night and will be back at the Walling Warehouse to work again tonight (March 3) at 5:30 pm. They will NOT be working on Saturday.

Strong backs will be needed twice in the upcoming month to help load the trucks to take the house, supplies, and furnishings to Mississippi. If you are available and can help - probably a day or two in the middle of March and also at the end of March - please email someone at the church and let us know how best to contact you when the dates are set."

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Whoa Nelly!!

Night one of the Bristol Build:

WOW!! What a turn out!! From experienced builders to Avoca 5th graders, from choir members to confirmands; the first night saw Central Presbyterian's members came out in droves. I never heard an official number, but by no means were we strapped for help. A proper equipment purchase might have been earplugs. At times, there were so many hammers driving nails (and thumbs) that it was difficult to have a conversation. All of the exterior walls are framed, and almost half of them have sheathing on them. We plan to continue in the completion the exterior walls tomorrow, and even fasten them to the floor. I was very impressed with the turn-out; so much so that I had to step back and just take it all in several times. How so many people can come together for a family that they do not even know is amazing. After being a member for over five years, I am still meeting members of the church...and I meet more of them through mission projects such as this.

So...don't wait until Friday to come out and help. Come out tomorrow night and drive a nail, spread some glue, carry some lumber, spread some paint, or just congregate and meet those fellow congregation members that attend the opposite service than you. This is an opportunity that you can't pass up!!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Come one, Come all !!!

We are less than two days from the first session of the Bristol build! Team leaders laid out the footprint of the house this evening, and will continue preperation work tomorrow. So come out Wednesday night, March 1st and help us begin to re-build the home that the Henley family lost in Hurricane Katrina. Join in the swinging of hammers, driving of nails, carrying of lumber, and even the writing of a message of hope to the Henley family on the walls! Most importantly, come join in the fellowship and watch God's work bringing something positive out of something negative.

Friday, February 17, 2006

The dates are set!

In the coming weeks, we will begin the construction of a home for the Henley family; one that lost everything in the Hurricane Katrina disaster. We will construct the structure in two phases: the Bristol build and the Wiggins build. We will begin the Bristol build March 1st from 6:30-9:30pm. We will continue with this pre-build process until we have completed all we can prior to the trip to Wiggins. The current plan is to work that Wednesday (3/1), Thursday (3/2), and Friday (3/3) at the same time each night. We will work on Saturday only if necessary. Contact the church for more information at (276)669-3157.