Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Whoa Nelly!!

Night one of the Bristol Build:

WOW!! What a turn out!! From experienced builders to Avoca 5th graders, from choir members to confirmands; the first night saw Central Presbyterian's members came out in droves. I never heard an official number, but by no means were we strapped for help. A proper equipment purchase might have been earplugs. At times, there were so many hammers driving nails (and thumbs) that it was difficult to have a conversation. All of the exterior walls are framed, and almost half of them have sheathing on them. We plan to continue in the completion the exterior walls tomorrow, and even fasten them to the floor. I was very impressed with the turn-out; so much so that I had to step back and just take it all in several times. How so many people can come together for a family that they do not even know is amazing. After being a member for over five years, I am still meeting members of the church...and I meet more of them through mission projects such as this.

So...don't wait until Friday to come out and help. Come out tomorrow night and drive a nail, spread some glue, carry some lumber, spread some paint, or just congregate and meet those fellow congregation members that attend the opposite service than you. This is an opportunity that you can't pass up!!


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