Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Day 5...

Tuesday, April 4

After our devotional, we went right to work. We are working entirely outside until the drywall installation is complete. The siding began today, the roof shingles continued to be installed (a local contractor loaned us a nail gun which has sped up the process tremendously.), and the fascia board around the perimeter of the roof was installed. Many of these things are painstakingly slow, but have to be done. As long as the exterior is completed at before or at the same time as the drywall installers, we'll be back on schedule.

The temperature dropped a bit today. Last night it got down into the 50's. There was a brisk wind most of the day, which made it a little more bearable. It is supposed to be even cooler tomorrow, but nothing out of the ordinary for us "northerners". Donna and Ann are keeping us well fed and hydrated, as usual, and Diane continues to stop by and see her new home. She said that she loves coming over the hill on her way and seeing her new home in the distance.

Still working on the camera. Keep checking.


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