Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Day Four...

Monday, April 3

We began the day excited to see the drywall installed first thing in the morning. However, after searching for most of the morning, the drywall arrived. This little mishap put us a behind by a half day, but we have faith that we'll get it done in time. The drywall installers, from Carter County, were incredible. They were installing the drywall as soon as it came off of the truck. At the end of the day, the entire interior of the house was covered with drywall.

Half of the roof was shingled today, as well as the porch roof. All of the windows were installed as well as the front and rear door. It is beginning to look like a house. We are still working from sun-up through sundown. Temperature is still peaking at around 80, with the morning a crisp 65. The locals laugh when we comment on how hot it is. We're glad it's not July or August.

I am having some issues with the camera and the computers that I am using at Wynn's office. Keep checking back for them!


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