Monday, April 03, 2006

A House in One Day?

Saturday, April 1

"Did you see that house across the street get built in one day?" This was a comment heard from one of Diane's neighbors on Day 1 of construction in Mississippi. Not really, of course, but we did get all but one side of the roof sheeting nailed down before darkness chased us off of the job site around 7:30 pm. We began the day at 7:30 am at Diane's house with a devotional led by Tom about staying on our feet, which we did for 12 hours. We spent an hour unloading the walls and searching through the tightly-packed rental truck. After getting our bearings, we set the exterior walls, and raised the roof trusses. Richard shavers, Diane's brother helped us most of the day, and we were able to finally meet Diane. She is a very gracious lady, who has said thank you every time I have talked to her. She spent several hours at the site, along with a few of her rel;atives, at our meal/break tent. Donna kept us well-hydrated and fed through-out the day, while also doing some "house cleaning" when she could. After the long work-day, we went back to the lodge for well-needed showers, dinner, and early bedtime.


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